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Let’s take a deeper look into our services
Outstaffing is a term used mainly in Eastern Europe. In the In the US and other English-speaking countries, outstaffing is referred to by the term “temporary staffing”. In general, outstaffing is an employment model that enables you to hire an entire team of specialists that are employed by an external agency rather than directly by you. You manage the team and have direct influence over its work but do not have to worry about the administrative side of employing workers in a foreign country.
Sure! We offer various payment models for hiring our outstaffing teams. Please apply for a consultation to get more information.
Both of these models refer to receiving services from skilled pros without the need to permanently or directly employ them. In the case of outsourcing, you do not manage the outsourced team or specialist. The management and supervision are provided by an outsourcing agency. In case of outstaffing, you fully control specialists engaged in your project.
It is impossible to determine that any of these models is better than another. It all depends on your requirements and preferences.
Of course! You don’t have to be a big business to enjoy the benefits of outstaffing. Any business can save money and optimize its project with external help. Please apply for a consultation to get more information.
You’ll receive all the info about our outstaffing terms and conditions during the first consultation.
We do not compare our rates with competitors’ ones. Yet we do know they are reasonable and they are much lower than salaries you may pay to a permanent employee.
Of course! We offer both full-time, part-time engagement models and even hourly engagement.
Yes. Our specialists are proficient in English.
Yes, we can consider this in case you are not content with the quality of work, the level of skills, or the personal qualities of a specialist you’ve hired in UkraineStaff.

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